Ethanol is discriminated abroad

There is a prejudice against Brazilian ethanol abroad, especially in Europe, since international discussions revolve around the production of ethanol versus food. This is the opinion of Mariangela Rebuá , ambassador and director of the Department of Energy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. She participated today (28) in the Conference of FO Lichts Sugar & Ethanol Brazil. “This is a great challenge, because the world still thinks that the production of sugarcane for ethanol will steal space from food harvest and we have participated in several discussions on the subject showing that this is not the reality. There is a kind of prejudice out there about the sugarcane ethanol, but we present that our production of bioenergy is susteinable. We can integrate food production with bioenergy from sugar cane and can still use their waste for cogeneration, ” she said.

According to her, the Department of Energy from the United States, acknowledged that biofuels contribute to reducing greenhouse gases by 80%, besides having a large energy capacity.

For the ambassador, the great challenge in today’s world is adapting to the new reality of fuel prices and participating in the global race for biofuels. “All this is reflected in international discussions and we have evaluated the role of bioenergy in the introduction of ethanol in the energy matrix, and have shown that Brazil has the cleanest energy matrix of the world.”

Mariangela explained that according to the International Energy Agency, bioenergy can have a share of 4% to 7% in the new global energy production by 2020.


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