‘Ethanol and the country must take advantage of the opportunity of the G7’

Responsible for marketing products of almost 30 mills by Bioagência, which is director, Tarcilo Ricardo Rodrigues specializes in the sugarcane industry market. And in this interview for JornalCana ​​portal, he details their assessments from the definition of member countries of the G7 to end or reduce fossil fuels in 2100.

Ethanol and Brazil have a golden opportunity on this commitment?

JornalCana ​​– How do you believe that the sugarcane industry should take the opportunity opened by the commitment of the G7?

Tarcilo – Not only the industry but the country should take advantage of this opportunity and get a starring role in this process. Brazil may be one of the leaders of this process with the G-20. It is for the sugarcane industry to unify their efforts and give full support to these initiatives don’t stay without the support they need. It won’t be an easy task, much less assess that now the game is won. There will be numerous negotiations and numerous political and business interests that will be opposed.

JornalCana ​​- The Climate Summit in Paris, next December, will be the next step on the topic. How the sector should participate in this event?

Tarcilo – Actively. We must be present with the best that we have. We have technology in the field and industry. We can leverage our P&D area. We must put ourselves at the heart of this issue as an example to be followed, since that we don’t reverse the advances already achieved in our energy matrix, and we stop dreaming about the pre-salt.

JornalCana ​​- The possible opening of the world market for biofuels, including ethanol, is already a reason to resume investments in the sector? How?

Tarcilo – Not yet. We can’t make the mistakes of the recent past, when we believed in merchants promises. There is the need to consolidate the demand effectively. Biofuels markets are still very protected by local interests. First we have to make ethanol an effective commodity, develop future markets, encouraging new producers so that the process becomes natural, and then yes we make investments to increase the supply. There are several fronts that need coordination to achieve success.

JornalCana ​​- Feel free to comment more about the sector

Tarcilo – This is perhaps the best new in last years. Brazil, with its mistaken policy of fuel, proved that was at the wrong way of the facts. Almost destroyed a sector, and put on his knees its largest industry face of the market. If we know work in coordination way, uniting the public and private sector efforts we will have an opportunity to really leveraging the growth of this country.

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