Esso gas stations will become Shell in three years

Announced yesterday as a new stage of partnership between two of the largest producers of ethanol and petrol in the world, Raizen is the new name chosen by Brazil’s Cosan and the Anglo-Dutch Shell to house the business of the joint venture formed in 2010. Thus, Shell will take place from Esso brand, which over the next three years will disappear from the market. In this phase, gas stations will become Shell. With the merger, this will be the third largest fuel distributor in the country, behind BR Distribuidora, Petrobras and the Ultra group.

The company has a market value estimated at U.S. $ 12 billion (about R$ 21.6 billion) and annual revenues of R$ 50 billion, and aims to gain new markets. “We are born great and we want to be even greater. Raizen will have size, talent, resources and technology to meet the needs of our customers, society and shareholders. To be recognized globally for its excellence in developing, producing and marketing sustainable energy “, says its chairman, Vasco Dias.

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