Embrapa gathers information for the production of sweet sorghum ethanol

An event held by Embrapa, brought together leading opinion makers on the potential of sweet sorghum for ethanol production. According to them, there is a need for the development of hybrid for seed production, efficient methods for controlling pests and diseases, increased productivity and availability of GE materials in the market.

The potential of this culture is becoming more widespread among the sugarcane industry. The raw material supplement to sugar cane for ethanol production was cited as an option for cultivation in 500 hectares of sugarcane renewal areas. Among its advantages – highly productive, use of the same infrastructure and more efficient use of water compared to sugar cane – were positive points listed in the lecture of the head of the Embrapa Maize and Sorghum, Alvaro Antonio Corsetti Purcino. \”Investments in pre-breeding and development of hybrids are the main needs in R & D,\” he said.

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