Ecuadorian sugar industry achieves record harvest and wants to produce more ethanol


The Ecuadorian sugarcane industry in 2012 crushed almost 600 000 tons of cane, a national record, and this year the expectation is similar. From the seven plants, three large, one of them can produce 4 million bags of sugar (50kg), according to Raúl Castillo, director general of Cincae – Research Centre of cane sugar from Ecuador.

“Last year we had plenty of light and a very good distribution of rain since the middle of June. The temperature also remained favorable. These factors were key to achieving record production, “says Castillo.

In the sector of Ecuador, 98% of sugar production meets domestic demand – which offers a good price margin. The surplus is exported as reports Raúl Castillo, who is a doctor of philosophy in agronomy.

“We do not have a power similar to countries like Colombia and Peru, but we are heading towards it, striding to establish ourselves as producers,” says Castillo.

Production record in Ecuadorian sector, has boosted the local government to stimulate the production of ethanol. Raúl Castillo reveals that there is a project being discussed at the government, which plans to allocate 50 hectares of arable region of the country to produce biofuel.

“The government is talking with producers of food growing areas, who are not getting good productivity, to plant sugar cane for ethanol production only. The government also wants to subsidize the installation of distillery units, “discloses the agronomist.

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