Economic embargo has damaged the sugar industry in Cuba

7C438A5F-5824-483B-9C21-6B83762C16B8_cx0_cy2_cw0_mw1024_mh1024_sEmbargo prevents the island to make commercial transactions with the United States and foreign subsidiaries of american companies in the country that do not exceed 700 million dollars a year, considered low
The economic embargo against Cuba is hampering the achievement of major investment in the sugar industry on the island, according to director of information infrastructure and industrial development of the sugar industry in the province of Camaguey, Erduin Delgado, to news Cuba agency ACS.
Some investments implemented to date has been funded with limited resources and credits and transaction with China and some European countries, more expensive and difficult, given the distance, the price of shipping and the time it takes to get an equipment and start the process.
Technological development in the field of boilers and milling machines for sugar industry has advanced considerably, but given the embargo, Cuba can not have access to this technology and has to maintain equipment and repair systems that operated decades ago.
The problem is that Cuba can not buy from American companies and this has been a problem,” he said.
This week, the director of the Battle of Las Guasimas sugar mill based in Camaguey, Felix Aparicio, told the Cuban News Agency that the company could purchase parts for specific boilers in the North American market, but the lockout prohibits this type of operation. The same situation affects buying tractors for land preparation, fertilizers, pesticides and other crucial resources.

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