Dominican Republic plan to export 40 thousand tons of sugar cane sugar to Europe

Dominican Republic this year plans to export about 40,000 tons of cane sugar to the EU market, the media reported today citing official sources.

According to the director of the Dominican Sugar Institute, Casimiro Ramos, it will be the first time the country ships so much sugar to that destination.

The European market must meet a significant share to the countries of the African, Caribbean and Pacific, said the official, who announced that the 2012-2013 harvest will exceed production expectations.

It was estimated a production of 540,000 tons, he said, but the number should be increased to 60,000 additional tons.

Ramos also said Dominican Republic comply with a quota of 188 000 900 tonnes for the U.S. market.

Our country is self-sufficient in sugar production, and the Government will make the necessary contributions to this industry is increasingly consolidated, Ramos said.

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