Direct sale of ethanol generates controversy in the sector

Direct selling ethanol for gas stations is a subject that generates controversy and still is far from unanimous in the sugarcane industry. Divergent positions on the subject assess if the measure which still depends on approval and changes in legislation – can be a good deal to increase the profitability of mills and distilleries.

For the president of the Fórum Nacional Sucroenergético, André Luiz Baptista Lins Rocha, this question is not as simple and needs to be discussed further. “Without knowing this market, it is difficult to know if the direct sale is advantageous or if this activity does not pay”, he says.

The commercial director of the Usina Alta Mogiana of São Joaquim da Barra, SP, Luiz Gustavo Junqueira Figueiredo, does not believe that any authorization for direct sale would bring great benefits to mills and consumers due to barriers to the commercialization of ethanol in this modality.

According to him the inclusion of the fuel distribution business in the portfolio groups and sugarcane units, seeking diversification of their business, can be an interesting and attractive activity, from the moment the mills and distilleries present financial situation more favorable.

“Direct selling should occur. However, in an alternative way”, says Renato Augusto Pontes Cunha, president of Sindaçúcar – Sugar Industry Union in the State of Pernambuco. In his opinion, the owner of the station must have the “right” to make a choice. “He can purchase the product in the current as well as through direct sales system mode”, opines.

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