Despite the increase in the number of certifications, it is still difficult to enter the European market

Since its start in April 2011 until now, 29 ethanol plants were certified by Bonsucro, from which 27 are Brazilian and two are Australian. This means that more than two billion liters of ethanol from cane were produced worldwide with the seal of Bonsucro. “An advance so fast was only possible thanks to a corporate culture already established in business as well as a structured control of the processes, ” said the manager of Sustainability from UNICA, Luiz Fernando do Amaral.

However the certification by itself could not increase the amount of ethanol exported to the European Union. “Although Brazil ethanol has already been certified according to standards required by the Europeans, the volume imported in Europe is still negligible, since the import tariff is very high,” said the senior adviser of the President of UNICA for International Affairs, Géraldine Kutas.

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