Debaters ask priority for ethanol in the government’s energy policy

The Secretary of Agriculture of São Paulo, Arnaldo Jardim, said that we need to define strategies politics and perennial to solve the crisis of this sector and to secure the ethanol in the energy matrix of the country. According to him, the sector has structural function in the economy of the country. He participated of General Commission about the subject that happened in the House’s Plenary.

For the Secretary, with appropriate policies for ethanol, Brazil could occupy strategic role in the global commitment to renewable energy. “Five years ago, 56% of the energy matrix was renewable energy. This number decreased to 36%, “he noted.

The president of the Federation of Sugarcane Planters (Feplana), Paulo Sérgio de Marco Leal, also called for a robust program of asset recovery not only for the industrial sector of sugarcane, as for the agricultural sector. “There are over 300 thousand unemployed of the field”, he said. “We must restore the financial situation of the industry, which began the new crop owing a crop and a half”, he added.

Leal said that government policies in last years artificially kept the price of gasoline lower than ethanol, just harming the renewable and clean energy sector.

The president of the Union of Sugar Industry and Alcohol of the State of Alagoas (Sindaçúcar-AL), Pedro Robério de Melo Nogueira, said the crisis caused social collapse in several municipalities. For him, there isn’t only one measure to resolve the crisis. “But the most effective measure is the resumption of Cide in gasoline”, he said, explaining that the measure may raise the competitiveness of ethanol.

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