Datagro reduced its estimate of sugar production

Datagro reduced its estimate of sugar production in the center-south of Brazil in 2011/12 to 30.13 million tons, the previous forecast made in September was 30.6 million tons.This is another downward revisions of the current crop of major producing region of Brazil, which accounts for about 90% of production the sugar cane in the country

The cane harvest in south-central, already in an advanced stage, was much lower than expected due to a combination of adverse weather and lack of investment for the replacement of aged sugar cane , whose yelds fall sharply after five years.But the president of Datagro, Plinio Nastari said not to expect further downward revisions in this crop. And he said there was little hope that the yields in the final third of the crop tcould recover. Nastari said the 2012/2013 harvest should also begin a few weeks later than normal, and expects that most of the plants wait until the end of April to start grinding again.

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