Datagro: amount of domestic consumption of sugar in Brazil and ethanol exports  decline



During a press conference held this morning (14) Plinio Nastari, president of Datagro, said that the amount of domestic consumption of sugar and ethanol exports in Brazil will decline.

Datagro estimates that in the season 15/16 there will be a reduction of 2.5% of domestic sugar consumption in the Central / Southern region and 3.5% in the North /Northeast due to the Brazilian economic crisis, especially in crystallized sugar.


“The exported  surplus will also will drop to 23.66 million tons,” said Nastari. The export of ethanol in the Center / South is 1.65 billion liters in the 15/16 season, an increase of 600 million liters over the previous harvest.


In the North / Northeast  he estimates the increase will reach 0.15 billion liters of ethanol. “The increase in imports  impacts the availability of hydrated ethanol  in the domestic market, which was reduced from 16.74 to 16.14 billion liters of ethanol,” he says.


“Only to California (USA) Brazil will export 908 million liters of ethanol.” The specialist maintains the estimated sugarcane crushing  at 604.6 million tons. “In the coming months there will be fortnightly crushing  higher than last year,” concludes Nastari.

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