Crop in Goiás intended 70,3% for ethanol

Ethanol will correspond to 70,3% of the mix of crop 2015/16 of the State of Goiás, with production forecasted at 4,276 billion liters. In the cycle 14/15, ethanol accounted 77,39% of the mix and amounted to 4,226 billion liters. The expected increase in production in the current crop on the previous is 2,4%.

The information is from the Union of the Industry of the State of Goiás Ethanol Manufacturing (Sifaeg), which released the official projection of crop 15/16 of Goiás units.

Despite the crop with more alcohol, the State of Goiás mills will also produce more sugar.

Should be produce rounded 2,1 million tons of sugar in the harvest 15/16, according to the projection of Sifaeg. The volume represents an increase of 5% over 2 million tons processed in the cycle 14/15.

According to the survey of the entity, chaired by André Rocha, white sugar will gain prominence in production and is expected to reach 1,316 million ton, up 3% on the production of 1,277 million ton of the previous cycle.

But the VHP sugar processing of the Goiás units is expected to reach 746 thousand tons, 3,6% over the 720 thousand tons of the crop 14/15.

As Sifaeg, the production of hydrous is expected to reach 3,156 billion liters, up 1% on the 3.,125 billion liters obtained in 14/15. The anhydrous production is estimated by Sifaeg in 1,120 billion liters, up 1,7% on the 1,101 billion liters in the previous harvest.

According to the projection of Sifaeg, units of Goiás will have 2,3% more cane to grind: 68,5 million tons in the current cycle, compared to 66,5 million tons of 14/15.

The ATR per ton should also advance, according to the forecast, to 9,4 million tons, 2,2% over the 9,2 million tons of 14/15.

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