Corn Ethanol: who is behind the technology

On the last day 15/06, representatives of Sinop City Hall (MT) knew closely projects for the construction of small distilleries of ethanol from corn.

A factory of these is feasible if the raw material is attractively priced and there is consumer of ethanol around. In the case of Sinop, a bag of cereal reaches R$ 10 and may fall further, with the newly started harvest of the season.

And there is consumer of ethanol, especially if the price is advantageous.

But you know who is behind these projects? Find out here.

Proposals for construction of small distilleries were presented at the meeting of 15/06 by representatives of Paranavaí machines. But who is this company?

Founded in 2010, Paranavaí, in the municipality of the same name, northwest of Paraná, engaged in the sector of development and manufacturing equipment for the production of starches in general, derived from cassava, grain alcohol and electrical hardware.

The region where is Paranavaí is considered the greatest pole starch producer in Brazil.

A project like the one shown in Sinop can cost from R$ 37 to R$ 40 million, but after installation can have return of R$ 2 million month, according to the company.

According to the Secretary of Industry and Commerce, such an undertaking can be paid in 20 months and banks can give grace of 15 for possible loans.

As the press office of Sinop City Hall, producers of the cities of Cláudia, Nova Ubiratã, Santa Carmem, Vera and Sinop are already mobilizing to business analysis.

If built, a small plant like this can produce 70 thousand liters of corn ethanol day.

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