Colombia: sugar sector sets goal of increasing production by 20%


Faz_S_Sofia_canavial_090607_REFONColombian sugarcane producers and the Ministry of Agriculture agreed to make greater efforts to boost plantings in 2016. The accession of cane growers to “Colombia Siembra” emergency plan ( new national government policy which aims to increase the country planted are to one million hectares in 2018) has a goal to expand to 30 thousand hectares of sugarcane, resulting in an increase of up to 20% in production.

It is a significant increase on the actual planted area of sugar cane and ethanol today, and will be a great contribution to the goal of Colombia Siembra.

To the Colombian Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Sugarcane (Procaña), these strategies will generate new jobs in the region.

Currently the planted area of ​​sugarcane is 230 thousand hectares in the rural area of ​​Cauca River, covers five departments and provide 180,000 jobs directly.

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