Cogeneration: MWh value is in R$ 388, 48 by PLD

The megawatt-hour (MWh) traded on the free market for the Preço de Liquidação das Diferenças (PLD) worth R$ 3488,48 until next Friday (22/05). The amount is equivalent to the ceiling established by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) and goes for the submarkets Southeast, South and Northeast.

Already in North submarket, the average price registered an increase of 44% and worth R$ 133,55 for MWh.

For North, the price was high due to lower availability of hydraulic generation in the region, according to the Chamber of Electric Energy Commercialization (CCEE), responsible for PLD.

According to CCEE, the forecast for the third week in May is that inflows will be reduced by approximately 1.900 averages MW, mainly influenced by the expectation of decrease in South flows for the next weeks, about 3.000 averages MW lower than expected for the previous week. Thus, inflows in the region were revised from 107% to 65% of the historical average.

In the other submarkets, forecasts are more optimistic as the South East (100% to 102%), representing an increase of 500 averages MW, even expected increase to the North. The increase in the Northeast, in turn, was 200 averages MW.

Rising inflows of Southeast impacted reservoir levels, which were about 1.200 averages MW higher than expected last week. The reduction of inflows in the South caused the levels stay nearly 1.000 averages MW lower than previously forecast.

The expectation is that the charge for the next week will suffer a reduction in 1.000 averages MW in the Southeast, remaining almost the same as the previous week in the other regions.

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