Cogeneration: MWh is R$ 388,48 across country

The Difference Settlement Price (PLD), also used in the sale of electricity cogenerated by biomass from sugarcane, stipulated the megawatt-hour (MWh) of R$ 388,48 until Friday (12/06 ).

The R$ 388,.48 correspond to the expected ceiling for this year by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) and worth, this week, for the four submarkets of the country: Southeast / Midwest (SE-CO), South (S) , North (N) and Northeast.

The previous week (30/05 to 05/06), the MWh was set at R$ 374,07 in the four submarkets.

According to the Chamber of Electric Energy Commercialization (CCEE), which manages the PLD, it is determined on weekly basis, considering three load steps for each submarket in the Brazilian electric system.

The PLD is calculated on ex-ante basis (considering information provided of availability and load) for the weeks that start on Saturday and end on Friday, and may contain days of two adjacent months. Prices will be used for settlement of all energy no contracted among the agents.

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