Cogeneration: MWh has price 51% lower

The megawatt-hour (MWh) sold by value price of Difference Settlement Price (PLD) worth R$ 388,48 until Friday (29/05). The amount is 51,8% lower than the R$ 806,97 of PLD a year ago.

The PLD is calculated by Chamber of Electric Energy Commercialization (CCEE) and R$ 388,48 are the ceiling set for this year by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel).

The R$ 388,48 remunerates the MWh cogenerate by  biomass because, in the national average, each MWh produced by thermal moved by bagasse or straw sugarcane costs between R$ 150 and R$ 200.

But the devaluation of the PLD of a year ago now served as a disincentive for investment in cogeneration in mills.

PLD is a value determined weekly for each load level based on The Marginal Cost of Operation, limited by a maximum and minimum price in effect for each period of assessment and for each one of the country’s four submarkets: Southeast /Midwest, South , North and Northeast.

The values ​​of the PLD falls or rise too much due to the power supply availability by hydroelectric, main generators of the energy matrix.

The current R$ 388,48, held since January, worth for the SE/CO, S and NE. In the North, the value of PLD for this week is R$ 171,19.

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