Cogeneration helps the profits of Raízen

The sale of electricity produced by biomass helped Raízen Energia to expand operating profit in the 2014/15 cycle, between 1 April 2014 and 31 last March.

During the period, the company, which has 24 mills and 13 sell excess energy from the cogeneration process, found net revenue of R$ 604 million, up 49,6% compared to the 13/14 season.

“This increase reflects the operational improvements which enabled the increase in energy generation, despite lower availability of sugarcane, and the sale of energy on the spot market, whose volume and price were higher than the same period last year,” explains Raízen in its quarterly report 4T(December 2014 to last March), released on Monday (22/06).

In the cycle 14/15, net operating revenue of Raízen totaled R$ 9,7 billion, 3% over the R$ 9,4 billion calculated at 13/14. Sugar sales reached R$ 4.2 billion, down 2.5% compared to the R$ 4,5 billion achieved in the previous season.

However, sales of ethanol totaled R$ 4,7 billion, up 4,9% compared to the R$ 4,5 billion earned in the cycle 13/14.

According to Raízen, “mainly responsible for the increase in net revenues in the period were the higher volumes sold both sugar and ethanol, as well as the higher average price of sugar in the market. The [cycle between April to last March], net operating revenue totaled R$ 9,7 billion, higher by 3,0% compared to R$ 9,5 billion the previous harvest, reflecting primarily the higher volume and average price of ethanol sales as well as higher average energy price in the period.”


Part of productive results, results from the fall of grinding of sugarcane. In the cycle 14/15 until March, 31, the 24 units of Raízen ground 57,1 million tons, down 7,1% from the 13/14 cycle until March 31, 2014, which processed 61,4 million tons.

With grinding, Raízen reached 4,1 billion tons of sugar, 9,2% decline compared to the 4,5 billion produced in the cycle 13/14.

The production of ethanol in 14/15 was 2,1 billion liters, up 1,3% from the 2 billion made the previous season.

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