Cogeneration gains space

Cogeneration gains space

It is commom sense that the electrical energy is fundamental to modern societies. To the extent that the world population grows, it is also natural that more and more people will benefit from the energy, whether in urban or rural centers. It is impossible to imagine what life was like in those towns without electricity.

Means of production, machinery, food preservation, public transport or cargo on a large scale, communications, HVAC and lighting all depend on electricity. Although relatively new, electric power has become the backbone of the livelihood of so-called developed societies.

In the beginning sources of energy seemed inexhaustible, however, with population growth and its increasingly more intensive use, many of these sources are now seen as finite. Over decades of technological development, new materials and production methods have allowed to increase energy efficiency in the production of durable goods and consumer goods such as plastics, with applications ranging from simple packaging to aircraft structural components, or semiconductors that power all sorts of electronics, consuming a fraction of a watt, cell phones and modern LED lamps, creating what is called today the “digital world “.

Read the full article in the magazine Energia Mundo 19.

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