CNA debate in the House of Representatives crisis in the sugarcane industry

The President of the National Commission for Sugarcane of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA), Ênio Jaime Fernandes Júnior, participated of the debate. He argued that industries that depend on the production of sugarcane should unite.

The event was attended by representatives of various sectors involved in the production chain of sugarcane. Consensus among the debaters, the formalization of collection to the federal government a clear policy for the sector, defining the role of ethanol in the Brazilian energy matrix. Deputies and representatives of the productive sectors and workers recalled the problems experienced since the financial crisis of 2008, which led to the closure of 60 mills, and another 50 that are in judicial recovery.

One of the proposed solutions, the return of Intervention Contribution on Economic Domain – CIDE, was answered. However, the value adopted doesn’t fully meet industry expectations. There is an understanding of all participants at the meeting that the CIDE needs updating.

“Our main goal is to build a proactive company that provides income, growth and development. The main country’s social protection is their development and agribusiness has demonstrated this ability “, said the President of the National Commission for Sugarcane by CNA. The development of agribusiness has been proven by the increase in the Human Development Index – HDI, in cities that have active rural activity. Ênio Fernandes cited as examples the cities of Rio Verde (GO) and Petrolina (PE), where the HDI increased by 14% and Rondonópolis (MT), which saw its HDI grow, by 10%.

Ênio Fernandes also highlighted the performance and extensive experience in the rural sector of the Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Minister Katia Abreu, who has been an important interlocutor with the national productive sector. Finally, Ênio highlighted the disposal of CNA to the debate and to contribute with proposals for solutions that lead to the development of the country.

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