Choosing the variety of sugarcane is essential

Choosing the variety of sugarcane is essential

Choosing the right variety of sugarcane to be planted at a certain place is one of the main points that must be taken into consideration by the producers of the sugarcane industry, according to Geraldo Macedo, a researcher at the Agricultural Research Corporation of Ontario ( Epamig). “Choosing the right variety is necessary because each has a productive potential,” he says.

According to Macedo, this is due because of the specificities of each region where the planting will occur and each variety of the plant .”A variety can be good for one place and not to another .” Therefore, Macedo emphasizes the importance of making tests before starting the varieties of cane crops. “It’s important to test before planting, to evaluate whether that variety is suitable or not for the soil and environment,” he says. He suggests that if the producer does not have information on soil, light and climatic factors in that region, he must make small plantings with some varities, to see which one suits best the circumstances of the plantation. “If the producer does not have local information, he must make small plantations to determine whether the variety is suitable or not, “he confirms.

In addition to choosing the right variety for each region, Macedo argues that the genetic potential of species of sugarcane, management and production environment (soil and environmental conditions) are other factors that, together, ensure that the crop will suceed.

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