Challenges of E15 in the U.S. can benefit Brazilian ethanol


For Unica, the adoption of 15% ethanol blend with gasoline in the United States must become decisive step for the future of ethanol produced from sugar cane in Brazil, especially regarding the technical feasibility of the product in American automobiles.

Alfred Szwarc, a consultant of Technology at Unica, explains that the technical issue is very relevant and the advance to ratify the E15 in the United States (USA) is crucial because it buries a series of questions that existed. “One is that the engines of American cars do not have a good performance with the blend, which studies from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency deny.

He recalls, however, that the greatest gain with the E15 is for the environmental, since ethanol is a fuel that helps in the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG).

Despite advances the processing can be slow according to the representative for North America, Leticia Phillips, the process for approval of the E15 in the U.S. is complex and has suffered repeated delays.

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