Centre-South of Brazil imports 113 million gallons of ethanol in April

Concerned with the high demand for ethanol in the Brazilian domestic market, the sugar and energy sector resorted to importing ethanol prioritized an ethanol mix for this harvest. Only in April, imports of ethanol in South-Central region reached 113 million liters. According to Unica in May, about 22 million liters should be purchased from abroad .

Sales of hydrated ethanol fell by 37.32% compared to March.In April, the total came to 512.33 million liters, a volume 61.49% lower than that observed in the same month of 2010. Sales of anhydrous ethanol to the domestic market amounted to a growth of 40.05% over the same period last year.

For the director of Unica, Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, with the beginning of the harvest there was a significant drop in ethanol prices received by farmers.Proof of this is that the price of hydrous, for example, fell by almost 40% in the last seven weeks.

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