Center-South sold 2,49 billion liters of ethanol in June

Ethanol sales by mills in the country’s Center-South registered a volume of 2,49 billion liters in June. High of 9,8% compared to May, when 2,45 billion liters were sold by units.

The amount, the majority was for the domestic market. About 2,36 billion liters were for domestic consumption. As explained Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, technical director of Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (Unica) this behavior drives the allocation of sugarcane for ethanol production, product leveraged by better market positioning. “Consumption growth reflects the economic attractiveness of biofuels in most of the consumer market and reinforces the expectation of harvest with more ethanol.”


The ethanol used directly in engines hit a record in June. The domestic market sales rose 7% in July, totaling 1,53 billion liters sold.

Compared to the previous harvest the high reaches 52% at the time were sold 1 billion liters of hydrous in the country. In the foreign market hydrous accumulated reduction of 29,8%, with exports of 99,8 million liters in 2015, up from 142 million liters in 2014. The reduction indicates higher allocation of this type of ethanol for the domestic market, influenced by heating consumption.


In relation to 2014, the anhydrous performance is lower. Total production from the beginning of the harvest fell 11,7% (2,37 billion in 2015 compared to 2,69 billion liters in 2014).

In the year total sales of anhydrous grew, accumulating increase of 10,9% since April, the beginning of the 2015/16 crop in the Center-South. In the domestic market supply increased 22,5% in 2015 and recorded 831,4 million liters. Exports for the month grew 4,8% (50,7 million liters) but with cumulative reduction of 58,8% over the 2015/16 cycle.

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