Center South of Brazil totaled 531.35 million tons of sugar cane crushing


Unica – Union of Sugar Cane Industry reported that the volume of cane processed by mills in the Center South region of Brazil totaled 531.35 million tons by December 31, 2012.

The number now is almost final, as the harvest is coming to its end. Compared to last year, there was an increase of 7.74% (531.35 million tonnes against 493.16 million in this cycle tons in 2011/2012).

Analyzing only the last month of the year, crushing totaled 20.75 million tons, 17.57 million tons processed in the first half of the month and 3.18 million tons in the next fortnight.

For Unica’s technical director, Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, the final numbers should not be changed. “The crushing is almost the cumulative number end of the season 2012/13. Just over 10 mills remained in operation after January 1st, with marginal production in the total volume of the region, “he added.

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