Cargill and USJ start production of corn ethanol in Brazil

The corn biofuel processing unit of San Franciso plant in Quirinóplis (GO), began operating tests in early December 2015. The plant is controlled by SJC Bioenergia, which belongs to US company Cargill and the USJ , traditional company in the Brazilian sugarcane industry. The following information has been cleared by the Portal JornalCana ​​team with professionals linked to the sector. Learn more.

  • sjcThe ethanol plant uses corn and also sorghum
  • The construction works started on 08.15.2014
  • The head of the project is the North American Ben Lee
  • At least 15 Americans, experts in grain processing, ministered training for the unit staff between October and November 2015
  • Supervision of the project is by Leila Midori Yoshida
  • In addition to ethanol production, the plant focuses on the production of DDGS (Distillers dried grains with solubles), product of the process of producing ethanol and animal feed. It is strongly indicated by the nutrient value for the cattle.
  • A goal of the plant in Quirinopolis DDGS is to create a distribution base in Goiás. The nearest similar Base of Cargill is located in Uberlandia (MG), over 300 kilometers away.

Learn more about the SJC Bioenergia:

The joint venture SJC Bioenergia was made official in September 2011 between the USJ Group, controlled by the Ometto family and the American multinational Cargill.

The SJC Bioenergia controls the power plants Sao Francisco in Quirinopolis and Rio Dourado, installed in the city of Cachoeira Dourada, both in Goiás state.

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