Canadian giant Brookfield  is still looking for sugarcane mills to buy


Purchase negotiations of the Renuka sugarcane plants in Brazil were interrupted by the Canadian Brookfield. But the suspension of these possible purchases of sugar and ethanol factories does not mean that the Canadian giant has canceled its interests in buying sugar and ethanol plants. According to what a executive of a financial institution informed JornalCana ​​Portal ….

“This ins timily, because the Canadian company  is still betting on Brazilian sugarcane mills,” said the director of the institution, linked to a large Brazilian bank and who asked not to be identified.

According to the source, the Canadian giant sees good deals in acquiring sugarcane plants with low debt and crushing capacity above 2 million tons of sugarcane.

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The location of these sugar and ethanol plants would also be on the priority list of the potential buyer, who is looking at doing good business with sales of sugar in the external market already in 2016, with the output gap projections, despite stocks still being high.



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