Sugarcane: production in Goiás retreats 9.9%

The sugarcane loses ground in Goiás. The third largest producing state of the raw material of ethanol in the country, after São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Goiás has 36 mills and distilleries in grinding process in the harvest 2015/16, initiated between end of April and beginning of May.

But as a result of the global crisis, initially registered in the US in 2008, the sugarcane industry also reflects the economic turmoil.

These were enlarged with the crisis in the sugarcane industry, also affected by the maintenance of the price of gasoline by Petrobras in recent years, although the oil price has triggered the international market.

++According to a study from the Institute Mauro Borges of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (IMB), of the Department of Management and Planning (Segplan) of Goiás government, the state had last April 62,3 million tons of sugarcane available for the season.

Already in April 2014, according to the same study, Goiás had offer of 69,1 million tons, up 9,9% from the result of this year.

In estimate released in May, the Union of Industry of the Ethanol Manufacturing of the State of Goiás (Sifaeg) predicted a grinding of 68,5 million tons by the units in the harvest in progress.

The expected production is 2 million tons of sugar and 4,3 billion liters of ethanol. In the cycle 14/15, according to Sifaeg, the Goiás sugarcane industry produced 1,99 million tons of sugar and 4,2 billion liters of biofuel.


The study of the Department of Management and Planning of Goiás government traces the state’s PIB in the first quarter. Overall, the result was 1% lower compared to the same period of 2014 but above the 1,6% decline in national PIB in the first three months of the year compared to the same period last year.

The national balance between the great activities only agriculture registered a positive variation (4,0%); industry and services had a decrease of -3,0% and -1,2% respectively. In value terms, the national PIB of the first quarter of 2015 was R$ 1,40 trillion.

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