Bunge expands cogeneration in 38%

Bunge Brazil, controlled by the American group of agribusiness and food, increased by 38% the electricity cogeneration from biomass in 2014, compared to the previous year.

With the increase, the company generated from sugarcane bagasse, 968 gigawatt-hours (GWh), reaching the equivalent of 100% of the electricity production consumed in industrial processes by eight sugarcane mills.

The information was released on Wednesday (03/06) by Bunge on account of its 12th edition of the Sustainability Report.

According to the company, the amount of energy generated from sugarcane is able to supply 480 thousand houses in one year, considering the average residential consumption in the country.

The eight sugarcane industry units of Bunge in Brazil: Pedro Afonso (TO), Monte Verde (MS), Ouroeste (SP), Guariroba (SP), Moema (SP), Itapagipe (MG), Fruity (MG) and Santa Juliana (MG).

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