British company will build biomass power plants in Cuba



The British company HavanaEnergy Ltd. signed an agreement to build and operate biomass power plants in Cuba, Sugar Group Azcuba reported. Construction of the first plant will start this year.

Azcuba has started a program of medium and long term construction of 25 power plants with sugarcane biomass renewable energy. These projects are part of the change in the matrix of power generation and encourage foreign investment as the country policies are its economic model.


Construction is expected to begin this year in Ciro Redondo, town known for its growing production of sugar cane. The 62 MW plant will use bagasse from sugar cane as the main source of fuel.


The company will also harvest Marabou, an invasive weed that has occupied large pieces of land in Cuba, which also produces high quality biodiesel to be used as a secondary source of energy to power plants.

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