Brazilian sugar is more competitive than the Indian sugar in the Middle East


Sugar consumption in the Middle East , is expected to decrease 1.5 % in 2014 , due to decreased demand , a consequence of the political instability in some regions , such as Syria , for example.

Since 2000 , the average annual demand for sugar in the region has grown at a rate of about 3 % per year until 2013 , and its main export markets refined cane sugar cane are in Iraq , Saudi Arabia , Bahrain and Yemen.

Last year , Al Khaleej Sugar , the largest refinery in the United Arab Emirates , purchased about 100 tons of sugar from India .

Recently, Brazilian imports of raw sugar are more competitive than India , a result of high exchange rates for the Indian Rupee , according to ICE Exchange .

The UAE has a total refining capacity of 2 million tons of sugar per year , of which 200 000 tonnes to be consumed on the domestic market this year , according to industry data .

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