“Brazilian sugar and ethanol industry needs goals,” said Adriano Pires


During Datagro Conference, held on Monday (10/15) in Sao Paulo, the director of the Brazilian Center for Infrastructure (CBIE), Adriano Pires, talked about pricing, supply and energy planning.

He criticized the lack of Brazilian´s government’s attitude to creating public policy and pointed out that the establishment of targets would be the first step in this direction. “I believe that predictability is what ethanol producers need. For this it is necessary that the government establishes the real role of ethanol in the country’s energy matrix. With this, it would be easier to set goals and create public policies in favor of those involved. One alternative would be to create a Cide – Contribution for Intervention in the Economic Domain “, he concluded.

About the goals, he cited the troubled time lived in the U.S.. “What the industry needs is goals. We will have to work to keep them. As an example, we can cite the U.S., that even going through a difficult time in maize production, is working on previously established goals. “

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