Brazilian mills sell 1.91 billion gallons of ethanol in a month and a half

According to the latest bulletin released by Unica last week, from April 1 to May 15, sales of ethanol plants in the Center-South region, reached 1.91 billion liters. Of this total, 1.86 billion liters were sold in the domestic market, with 934.72 million liters of hydrous ethanol, and 921.25 million liters of anhydrous ethanol. According to Unica, only 51.80 million gallons were for export.

Sales of anhydrous in the first half of May totaled 327.29 million liters, a volume similar to that recorded in the previous fortnight (316,650,000 gallons).Sales of hydrated ethanol in the domestic market showed significant growth in this period when they were sold 419.85 million liters in the first half of the month – an increase of 37.71% compared to 304.88 million gallons recorded in the last half of April this year, it said.

Unica explains that this increase in sales is attributed to vehicular rebuild operational inventories by marketing agents and recovery of the competitiveness of the product compared to gasoline.

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