Brazilian Ethanol sales decrease in January

Brazilian Ethanol sales decrease in January

Sales of ethanol-producing units of the South-Central region of Brazil totaled 1.89 billion liters in January, 14.76% below the volume recorded in December. Of this total, 81.80 million liters were intended for export, while 1.81 billion liters for the domestic market – a drop of 14.26% over the previous month.

The Technical Director of Unica (Union of Sugar Cane Industry), Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, said that this decrease is justified by the natural seasonality of consumption, always seen in the month of January. “Actually, there is a new profile for the competitiveness of ethanol, mainly sustained by the growing of flex-fuel fleet and the absence of any risk of product shortages.”

The amount allocated to service the domestic market in January, 1.23 billion liters refers to hydrated ethanol and 582.47 million gallons to anhydrous ethanol.

From April 2010 until January 31 this year, ethanol sales reached 21.92 billion liters, compared to 22.28 billion liters in the same period of last season. Of this total, the volumes of anhydrous and hydrous ethanol traded reached 6.10 billion gallons and 15.83 billion liters, respectively, according to Unica.

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