Brazilian ETH and Danish Inbico plan cellulosic ethanol partnership


Brazilian ETH Bioenergy and Danish Inbico, agreed to partner in a project to accelerate the development of technologies to produce second – generation ethanol and other or cellulosic biofuels, Reuters reported

ETH Bioenergia has been researching into second-generation ethanol in partnership with other companies for the last two years. Investment in ventures should reach 200 million reais ($100 million) by 2016.

The first ETH-Inbicon plant is expected to begin operations in 2015. Technology sales will initially focus on Brazil, with its well-established market for ethanol.

Inbicon has the technology that enables the use of straw and bagasse from sugar cane for biofuel production.

At first, the companies will do joint research on the feasibility of producing ethanol from sugarcane residues, using the already existing technology from Inbicon in ETH plants .

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