Brazil:Ethanol prices should fall in 45 days, says UNICA

In 45 days ethanol prices should fall in the gas stations in Brazil. The forecast was announced by Unica (União da Indústria da Cana-de-Açúcar). yesterday in Sao Paulo during the news conference. Marcos Jank, president of the association, emphasized that ethanol will have to go back to being competitive, or cost less than 70% of the price of gasoline. “This should happen in May, ” he said.

The Unica’s technical director, Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, said that ethanol produced will need to be sold and the value at the pump will have to fall so the consumer go back to using the product.

According to projections released by the organization, the Center-South should produce less than 4.11% hydrous ethanol this season.

But reducing the supply of the product and the reconquest of the consumer concern the entity. So Jank said Unica is negotiating with the government a plan to expand the culture with tax incentives and financing. “We are talking about a

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