Brazil will test the use of sugarcane diesel on buses

City buses in circulation in São Paulo, Brazil, have just received permission from the regulator, the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) for running on diesel fuel from sugarcane. Learn all the details below.

1 – How is this authorization?
In experimental use
2 – What is the proportion of use of diesel oil sugarcane?
Buses will run on 100% of the fuel
3 – Who will be the producer and supplier of diesel?
Amyris Brazil Ltda
4 – Is there a limit to the monthly consumption?
Yes. The monthly consumption can not exceed 30,000 liters
5- What is the term of the authorization for experimental use?
Six months, but is subject to users who are with license or environmental opinion within the validity period
7 – How the ANP oversight of using this cane diesel?
The authorized company must submit to the use of authorized blend report for monthly and send the results of analysis of the product, considering at least the certain characteristics by the ANP on the fuel or biofuel specified being replaced.
8 – This authorization endorse commercial use of sugarcane diesel?
No. This authorization is not, in any circumstances, endorsement, certification, registration or approval by the ANP, for the commercial use of authorized mixture for other purposes.

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