Brazil Sugarcane Bioenergy Solution Project promotes actions in Argentina


The sugarcane industry in Argentina is still growing after raisind the ethanol blending with gasoline to 12%. This increase was in April 2016 and the plants located in the country are seeking new technologies to enhance the production of ethanol and sugar.

With an eye on this market opportunity, the Brazil Sugarcane Bioenergy Solution Project, a partnership between Apla (Ethanol Cluster ) and Apex-Brazil (Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion) promotes on the 7th, 8th and 9th of November in Tucuman, actions to encourage the export of technology solutions, Brazilian machinery and equipment for the sugarcane industry.

The executive director of Apla, Flavio Castellari, notes that Brazilian companies are very interested and are prepared to meet the demand for plants in Argentina. “The expansion of the sector in Argentina, especially after the increased use of biofuels shows a chance of obtaining new business and attract foreign money for Brazil, so we expect positive results for the event in November,” he says.

Argentina – one of the largest food producers – has an energy deficit that could be partially alleviated with the use of biofuels. The producers of sugar and corn began to be ethanol suppliers in the country.

The Brazil Sugarcane Project will take 31 Brazilian companies for the event in Tucuman.

According to a decree published by the Argentine government, the measure to increase the ethanol blend to gasoline was approved because it provided more energy security and ensured stability in the supply biofuels.

The current ethanol production in Argentina is around 800 thousand cubic meters per year, equivalent to 800 million liters. Of the total, 60% are made from corn and the other 40% from sugarcane. The new blend is directed especially to the sugar industry, to offset the effects of the current international sugar prices on the sector.

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