Brazil Sugar Mills Boost Output 57% in Center South Oct. 1-15

Sugar output in Brazil’s Center South, the world’s largest producing region, jumped 57 percent in the first half of this month, industry group Unica said.

Output in the region rose to 2.79 million metric tons between Oct. 1 and Oct. 15 from 1.78 million a year earlier, Sao Paulo-based Unica said in an e-mailed statement today. The current crop year started April 1.

Mills in the Center South, where about a fifth of the world’s sugar is produced, processed 38 million tons of cane in the period, up from 23.4 million tons a year earlier. Ethanol output rose 46 percent to 1.61 billion liters (425 million gallons).

The region’s mills turned about 51.5 percent of the cane into sugar in the first half of this month, up from 49.8 percent a year earlier. The rest was processed into fuel.

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