Brazil: Plants antecipate crushing to increase storage of ethanol

Unica (Sugar cane Industry Union) announced that 30 plants in the Central-South, in a joint effort has already begun to grind sugar cane, anticipating the start of the season 2011/2012.

According to the organization, the purpose of anticipation is to ensure the storage and supply of ethanol in this period. “The purpose of anticipation is to add ethanol to the stocks available for the offseason, increasing the safety margin so that there is no shortage of product to the consumer until the new season can be initiated in all plants, ” said in a statement.

According to Unica, this is an extra precaution because the lack of product according to the projections of the entity, is not expected this season.

For Unica’s technical director, Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, the organization knew that several plants, witnessing the events of the market, had already decided to anticipate the beginning of grinding. “Not all have this condition because there is not always sugarcane available to grind in advance. But we realize that there is a major effort in the period,”he explains.

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