Brazil: Land use law was approved

The basic text of the Brazilian Forest Code was finally approved in the House of Representatives, yesterday (25) with highlights and some modifications, including: the fall of the obligation to disclose data on the Internet Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) and the item that stated that farmers had to regularize, make an environmental record, to qualify for public funding.

For the sugarcane industry one of the great gains was on issue of permanent preservation areas. An amendment dropped the requirement to reconstruct 30 meters of forest around the riversides in permanent preservation areas occupied by rural activities consolidated until July 22, 2008.”It was a breakthrough because these areas have consolidated and that takes the uncertainty of the sugar cane producer,” says Alexandre Lima, president of United.


Lima explains that the new version of the Code, is much better than the previous one and gives opportunity to take the producers of the illegality.

Another point, was the possibility was for farmers of all sizes to convert fines with reforestation, since the President has suspended until June the penalties for those who deforested by 2008.

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