Brazil: increase in ethanol blend and in exports should boost prices in Brazil

The increase in the ethanol blend which will rise in demand of almost 2 billion liters of anhydrous ethanol; and the increase in exports, which was 2.7 billion liters last year and may reach numbers close to 3.3 billion liters, will bring Brazilian ethanol to a positive situation in 2013, price wise. This is the opinion of economist, Martin Ono, CEO of SCA Ethanol from Brazil.

“For the next season 2013/14 I believe that the situation will be better for ethanol. The sector needs to be more optimistic because I see a lot of people plunging into sadness, especially in the area of ethanol. I see good prospects, with encouraging public policies and a very positive potential scenario for ethanol in the medium and long term, ” he said.

The expert does not believe that Petrobras should keep gasoline prices frozen for another year. “These perspectives lead me to believe that the prices will be better than 2012 and therefore must pay production costs,” he recalls.

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