Brazil gets first greenfield ethanol plant after three years


etThe sugarcane industry in Brazil gets its first greenfield ethanol plant after three years.

The last unit opened in the country was the Santa Vitória Açúcar e Álcool in Santa Vitoria , in 2013. Controlled by a joint venture of Dow and Mitsui groups, the unit began commercial harvest of  ethanol in 2015.

Now, a new ethanol producer unit expands the universe of 400 mills and distilleries able to crush in the country. It is F & S Agri Solutions, the first unit of Brazil with biofuel production to be made exclusively from corn and sorghum.

The country already has three processing units of ethanol from grains, but sugarcane is the main raw material in these units.

“F & S is the first 100% exclusive of maize and sorghum in the country,” says Vladimir Abreu, a partner in the agribusiness area TozziniFreire Advogados, responsible for legal advice in the venture.

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