Brazil gains International Center for Research in agriculture

It will be inaugurated on May 13, in Botucatu, the regional office for South America CABI (Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International – International Centre for Agricultural Bioscience), an international nonprofit organization dedicated to publications and research projects in the areas of agriculture and environment.

With its office in Botucatu, CABI now has 11 international centers and provides a basis for the first time in Latin America. “Brazil has a growing economy and a booming agricultural sector, with which we can learn a lot,” said Yelitza Colmenarez, who heads the new office in Brazil CABI. “In particular, the agricultural technology that Brazil has developed has potential for use across the region in search of CABI’s mission to help improve lives through the solution of agricultural and environmental problems. We are very excited to finally have a base in the country and eager to share knowledge and experiences with new colleagues in agricultural research. ”

The research and development projects in the works include CABI diagnosis and control of plant pests and diseases, integration of small farmers in the global market, reducing the spread and impact of invasive weeds, knowledge management in agriculture and environment.

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