Brazil: anhydrous and hydrated in different position

The Cepea has released the weekly price of ethanol and it shows that they followed different paths within the Sao Paulo market last week.

Influenced by the low supply of new crop product and the buoyant demand, the anhydrous kept high between 11 and 15 April. The weekly indicator CEPEA / ESALQ of anhydrous ethanol was R $ 2.4727 per liter (excluding taxes), up 15.9% from the previous period.

Ont the other hand the weekly indicator CEPEA / ESALQ od the hydrated was almost stable between 11 and 15 April, closing at R $ 1.3843 per liter (excluding taxes). Until Tuesday last week, prices were falling, but rebounded Wednesday, influenced by difficulties in grinding due to rainfall, according to the Cepea.

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