Brazil and South Korea together for ethanol from sorghum

Embrapa is conducting a research project in cooperation with the Rural Development Administration of Korea (RDA, its acronym in English) to study the production of sweet sorghum in both countries and the production of ethanol. The survey should take two years and is financed with resources from both countries.

The unit Corn and Sorghum (Seven Ponds / MG) will be responsible for agronomic studies and Embrapa Agroenergy (BSB) will focus on the development of processes for producing ethanol from 1st and 2nd generations.

According to Embrapa, ten varieties of sorghum were selected by Embrapa Maize and Sorghum and were gathered to Korea to be planted in that country and will also be grown on home soil at the same time to compare their performance in both countries. Likewise, the Korean team will select ten other local cultivars for planting in the two countries and comparison of results.

According to Cristina Machado, a researcher at Embrapa Agroenergy, the first work to be developed in the bioenergy project will study the process of ethanol production with a variety of sorgo. Both groups will also study the production of second generation ethanol from sorghum bagasse.


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