Brazil: Acreage increases 4.88% in 2011

A ttotal of 8.44 million hectares of cane, equivalent to 4.8% more than the previous harvest was counted by Conab in its first harvest estimate released yestaerday. The state of São Paulo occupies most of the crops with 52.8% of the national total, or 4.46 million hectares planted. Then come Minas Gerais, 740 150 ha, with 673 380 ha Goiás, Paraná, with 619 360 ha, Mato Grosso do Sul, 480.86 ha, Alagoas with 450 750 ha and Pernambuco 324 03.

The research wasc conducted by 42 technicians, 411 plants were visited between 28 March and 16 April, in addition to contacts with representatives of professional associations, associations and cooperatives in all producing states.

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