Bolivia: new plant will produce 160,000 tons of sugar in 2016


San Buenaventura Sugar Company (EASBA), inaugurated in La Paz last week, estimates to produce 160,000 tons of sugar in the next year. The goal is to reach the maximum processing capacity of the plant until 2012, which is up to 8,500 tons per day.

The government invested US $ 174 million for the construction of Ingenio San Buenaventura. Easba will produce 100,000 liters of potable alcohol and 1,650 tonnes per year of hydrolyzate bagasse  (organic fertilizer and animal feed) and at least 30 megawatts (MW) of electricity from biomass. From this amount, 14 MW will go to the plant and the rest to the national grid.

Easba expects that once the plant is operating producers will be encouraged to engage in the cultivation of sugarcane. “Create the sugarcane culture is important, so that producers of the region know that the cane itself is an attractive (…) business,” said CEO Ramiro Lizondo.

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