Bolivia: Ingenio Guabira’s sugar output falls 5% for smuggling



The chairman of the Bolivian Sugar Mill Guabirá Carlos Eduardo Rojas, reported that sugar production decreased by 5%, from 9.4 million quintals of sugar in 2014 to 8.9 million quintals in 2015.

The decrease was repeated for the second consecutive year, taking into account that there was a reduction in production of 14%, 10.8 million quintals in 2013 to 9,400,000 in 2014.

The main cause is the smuggling of sugar and other commodities, due to the currency devaluation in neighbouring countries. That situation forced foods such as soybeans, maize and sorghum to decrease its prices, like sugar. Besides this , there are the problems of floods and other climatic factors affecting sugarcane crops , and some regulatory constraints of central government.

Without delving into amounts, Rojas said profits in 2014 amounted to 4.5% and this year is expected to decline even more with the second payment of bonuses. If so, he said, there will be less investment in the next administration.

The mill Guabirá is located in the town of Montero Santa Cruz is dedicated mainly to producing sugar and alcohol, but also entered the category of alcoholic drinks with rum Kayana, power generation and other products on a smaller scale such as honey, dried yeast, biofertilizer and hydrolyzed bagasse.

(Correo del Sur)

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